What’s Cooking At Bluesalt in 2017?

Hello to all our wonderful clients, friends and Bluesalt family! A quick check in to let you all know what’s been happening with us and what you can expect to see over the next few months.
Christmas 2016
A huge month for us, we catered for over 8200 clients in December! This included a huge food station event for Googles Sydney staff members and a number of other exciting and large volume corporate events. A great success and so much fun to work on. Our Directors are currently planning some fun Christmas catering ideas for 2017 so watch this space, folks.
Early 2017
Off to an exciting start! We were thrilled to collaborate with Noel Nassar of NN Events on a VIP Greek themed event. We also introduced Paella catering to our catering menus due to high demands, paella is a fantastic way to bring people together and our chefs love doing it so why not?! This hasn’t hit the website yet but we hope to have it live in a few weeks.
We catered some beautiful weddings in early January. Wedding catering in Sydney is such a joy to be part of. There are so many unique venues to choose from and we are truly blessed with the awesome backdrops it has to offer. The most popular wedding catering still goes to canapés, buffet and food station style events, although share plate catering is also becoming increasingly popular.
Our canapé catering is still probably our most popular event catering option. We make all of our canapés by hand, we believe this shows both in the taste and quality of the end product. We will be renewing our canapés menu over the next couple of months so watch the website for news and updates.
Launch of Bluesalt Corporate 
You may have heard we are nearing completion of our sister company Bluesalt Corporate. This business concentrates on putting some love back into the corporate drop off catering scene in Sydney.
The drop off catering menu options will be simple but packed full of flavour with an emphasis on quality, presentation and value. You’ll be able to order traditional and unique sandwiches and salads, freshly baked and handmade pastries, muffins and tarts and a range of beverages, plus lot’s more! We’ve taken our time with the launch of the new business as we really want it to be more than just another catering delivery service. We feel that the usability and simplicity of the website are just as important as the catering itself. Much the same way as we view our flagship business Bluesalt Catering. Guys, for those of you that work in offices and are often looking for convenient catering delivery options this is right up your alley as the website itself has been designed with ease and efficiency front of mind, (we thought you’d like that!).
Well, that’s it for now, thanks for reading and we look forward to keeping you posted with more exciting news soon!

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