Event Staffing

Bluesalt Service Staff – Our Hospitality Team
The service plays a major part of any event. Great food and wine isn’t much use without superb, attentive front of house service. Our event team is highly trained in every aspect of event catering.

Presentation & Etiquette
We set high standards of personal presentation to all staff members. Our uniforms are pressed, our hair is neat and tidy and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Experience, Training & Timekeeping
When it comes to event staffing, experience is key. It takes qualified chefs to lead a kitchen team, just as it takes experienced event managers to direct a large team of front of house staff. Bluesalt Event Management is committed to ensuring your event team has the necessary qualifications and experience to ensure your the event runs like clockwork. We manage our time efficiently, we problem solve, we innovate and we communicate.



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