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It’s time to plan your event and you’re thinking what do I want to achieve? How important is catering to me, do I need flowers, who will do the decorating? Often, another very overwhelming thing to tackle is venue selection, how do you know what is going to work best for your tastes, styles and expected guestlist? A lot of planning, huh?!

We’ve made a simple 3 step, easy to understand checklist of what we think will help you most when it comes to selecting a great Sydney event caterer…

Industry Experience – knowledge matters
Whether you are planning catering for a wedding or are in need of a general Sydney catering service it never hurts to ask or enquire about their catering experience to date. Asking about events they have worked on, how long they have been in the catering industry and what separates them from other Sydney catering companies. Piece of mind is never a bad thing! Does the caterer you like only do party catering for small numbers, have they ever done large scale cocktail catering? Make sure you’re selected caterer understands what it is you want achieve at your event and that you share the same vision. There are some very talented catering companies out there, you just have to find them (and of course we’re pretty good too – so while you’re looking!:)

Areas Of Expertise – know what to look for
Are you looking for specialist caterer? Caterers can vary in their preferred areas of strength. There are a LOT of caterers in Sydney so it’s important to know what you’re looking for! If you’re expecting high volumes of guests, say of over 2000, then you really need to be speaking to event catering companies that know the logistics involved in executing this. Ask to see a Gold License certificate and if you’re still unconvinced you may ask to see the caterers coverage of liability insurance. If, on the other hand, you’re on the hunt for an amazing wedding catering company, you should be asking for things like inclusions, crystal clear costings upfront, complementary site visits and tastings. Great corporate, boardroom and event catering companies should know the importance of discreteness, flexibility and personal presentation. Give yourself some time to think about “what you need” and “how to get there” by narrowing your search to what your event is going to look like.

Value For Money – are you getting bang for your buck?
It’s good to get at least 3 comparable catering quotes for your event. Take some time to sit down and read them over, look for “overall” value as opposed to “individual” line item costs, every company will be set up slightly differently, feel free to double check inclusions before making deposits. To save money, we highly recommend considering a gourmet catering delivery, in this day and age staffing costs can be expensive and so if you’re happy to DIY at home then this is definitely for you! If on the other hand, you’re looking to take it easy and be present at your event, great quality service staff are a must, make sure you have enough staff onsite to ensure your event runs smoothly, you’ll regret it I you don’t, nothing worse than a slow, tedious wait at the buffet!

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