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Put the kettle on, relax and immerse yourself in what fresh, gourmet share plates could bring to the party at your upcoming event! We aim to capture our most clients frequently asked questions, as well as explain in detail how share plate catering cold work at your event

What are share plates?
Think generous variety, dramatic colour, loads of texture and above all a super fun dining experience. If it’s that social, more casual/rustic vibe you’re after when eating at your event, our gourmet share plates are well worth considering. We have 3 packages to choose from online which cover the majority of common dietaries, although if you need a bit more help with some of your dietary requirements say the word and we’ll make it happen. When it comes to service, you can expect to hear lots of impressed “wows!”, as your guests are served the amazing share plates menu that the Bluesalt Catering team will work with you on to make sure it tailored perfectly to suit your event.

The shared dishes are generally served down long lines of tables (galley style), which suits share food extremely well, We’ve worked on hundreds of share style catering events and some of the photos that we’ve seen captured have been magical. So, in short, share plates offer fun, variety, a social atmosphere and something a little different, why not come in and see us for a tasting to learn more (and eat amazing food!) Book in here!

Why share plates?
We’ve seen a exponential rise in this style of catering across Sydney. But why? What’s gotten Sydney so shaken up about this special hybrid of buffet and formal dining catering?. Well, It’s really about what you’re wanting to achieve when enjoying the food at your event. If eating in a social environment is for you then this could certainly be it, and as for your lucky guests you can bet they won’t often get to experience such variety on this scale brought straight to their tables, just like a Bluesalt gourmet buffet but not having to leave your seat to be served. Well do the hard work for you. What could be better?!

Things to remember while planning a share plate event

  • Share plates can take up a lot of room, therefore we highly recommend hiring tables that are 120 wide to allow for any centrepieces, it’s nice to eat without being too cramped in
  • We offer shared entrees, mains and desserts but you can mix and match to your heart’s content. We love a canape arrival or decadent grazing table, followed by shared mains and dessert canapes or dessert buffet. But you may prefer all three course to be shared. Feel free to give us a call if you want some advice, we’ll put your mind at ease and give you some options we think would work at your venue, no problems!
  • If you are concerned about the space on your tables then we can rent you food risers to make more general space on the table. This works well when there is lot’s going on and ensures people can eat comfortably.


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