Just Engaged!

Are you having a party to announce your special day?  …. Leave it to Bluesalt Catering.

Once your engagement is announced, it is usual to have a celebration within 2-4 months of the proposal, this is normally a more casual affair so it does not rival the wedding and is usually a year to 6 months prior to the wedding.

You might be looking at a cocktail style party, a classic brunch or even a surprise party.

A cocktail style engagement party is one of the most popular and this is where Bluesalt Catering can help. A number of advantages of this casual style catering options is it allows everyone to mingle, you will also have more venues to choose from as you can fit more people into a smaller space, which means cheaper rates with a relax atmosphere. Our menus include a range of delicious items from mini burgers, quiches, gourmet spoons, and even cute fish & chips pails and don’t forget the candy and dessert bar!

The best part is whether it is at home or in a venue Bluesalt Catering can easily achieve both.  Sydney is an amazing place, why not have Sydney caterers serve amazing food. You can even hire a photo booth and make it a little more fun and special. You will end up having some hilarious pictures to look back on in your engagement day album, so let’s make your special day a day to remember!


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