Corporate Team Building

Thinking about organising a corporate team building event? Bluesalt Catering can help…

As we know there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. So why not organise an outdoor event, this will in turn help your company and its employees communicate, show commitment, collaborate and develop a positive office culture…BUT you will need a checklist, just to make sure you have all the logistics covered.

  • Firstly choose where you would like to hold this event and check that you have the relevant council permits, there would be nothing worse than finding the perfect spot, only to be scurried out by the local ranger because it has already been reserved by someone else. Check also that sound can be amplified, as a number of areas in Sydney do have noise restrictions
  • Plan B. Consider the type of event and how effected you would be with the intensity of the elements of mother- nature… rain, wind, heat. Having a scrumptious BBQ with gale force winds, rain and intense heat would definitely ruin your day. Always good to find a second option, even if it’s a marquee for hire on standby.
  •    Where is the food going to be served? Bluesalt catering has a huge menu selection which covers all the culinary basis while ensuring every taste or dietary requirement is catered for. A shaded or covered area is normally ideal.
  • Do we need electricity? A little pre-planning is all you need and a generator will normally suffice if required
  • Amenities. Can’t do without this one, either make sure if there are any existing on site they are close to where your function is being held, or you may have to hire some.

Whether you decide to have a scavenger hunt or do some sand sculpting, Bluesalt Catering can help. We have extensive experience in planning a large number of corporate events. We will even organise some event packs with sunscreen, hand wipes, bug spray and first aid kit… just in case.


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