Northern Beaches Cooking Classes

How many times have you hosted a dinner party and spent the entire time sweating in the kitchen while your guests wonder where you are? Sound familiar? Well….we’re here to help you learn how to cook like a pro, wow your guests and ensure you get to socialise and be a part of your event!

Learn to how to cook like a pro under of the guidance of our passionate Executive Chef, Tim Noye, a chef with over 20 years experience in high-level cookery internationally. He’s cooked in Michelin Star restaurants, for A-listers and royalty, been a personal chef and led kitchen brigades of over 20 chefs.  If there’s one guy that can help you cook, it’s Tim!

He offers half and full day sessions at your home, this means he can teach you the best way to use your home kitchen and use your newly acquired skills to prepare knockout dishes that are sure to impress your guests. For more information around availability and pricing get in touch with Tim.
0450 346 640



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