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Planning to go cocktail style? Check out our latest blog on how to get the best results from your upcoming canapé event!
Which Package Is Best For You?
Bluesalt Catering offers cocktail packages lasting from 1 hour to 4 hours in length. Our 1 hour cocktail package is designed for wedding catering arrivals, so, if you wanted your guests to be fed while you’re having your photos taken then this will certainly do the trick. We also recommend the Bluesalt Grazing Table for wedding reception arrivals, the cost is much the same but it’s worth considering a grazing table if you wanted the main food at the reception to be canapes. This will keep things interesting, offer your guest lots of visuals and offer a little more variety. 
  • Our 2 hour events are perfectly suited to corporate launch events, birthdays and also work very well within corporate offices for meetings and such like events. 
  • The 3 hour package is suited to pretty much everything! A VIP corporate event, many styles of weddings and anything in between. Built to serve as a standing dinner, this is one of our most popular packages.
  • Our 4 hour package is also very popular and works very well, again, at wedding, corporate and most private events. We do recommend adding some grazing to our 4 hour packages, this gives a little variation and ensures everyone leaves full! 
Things to remember while planning a canape
style event?
– Remember your dietaries, we offer complementary consultancy on how to manage your guests and any dietaries for you, so lean on us and ask advice when you need it, we’re here to help!
– Hot and cold canape options. Our canape packages have a great balance of hot and cold food but depending on the season you may want to change the ratio. Please speak with a Bluesalt Event Manager to talk about your plans to date.
– Service. Make sure there are enough staff onsite, we have well used, trusty event templates and can guide you with what we think you’ll need. If you didn’t want as many service staff onsite then consider placing the canapes around the room on tables for any on site staff to use during busy service tines. This doesn’t have the same effect as being served by a waiter but will keep the purse strings happy!

– Beverage. We offer 2 extremely popular beverage packages online, 90% of our clients go with our Gold Package. We can also source practically any wine, beer or champagne with 14 days notice so if you want something special for your even, please let us know and let’s see what we can do!

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