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Offering great quality catering is one thing but how does it all come together on the big day? Who will orchestrate the logistics of the staffing, kitchen, styling and design, bar and beverage? Who will tie it up all up on the day managing a run sheet and coordinating the entire event?

Bluesalt Catering are a Gold Licensed Sydney caterer offering excellence in event management services and have built a strong reputation for creating memorable events. We can advise and create individual themes to suit your event and consult on styling and table settings, colours and creative touches making your event spring to life!

Our event management services means we can organise your event from end to end leaving you feeling relaxed and in total control. You’ll be pleased to know that our on the day event management services cost are cut in half the minute you book your event with us. All the more reason to put your event in the hands of a team that will make it the best it can be.

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