Benefits of complementary on-site Inspections

As Bluesalt Catering deals with a number of venues, we offer complimentary site inspections at the venue as part of our service to you, this enables us to create the perfect event for you with no hiccups.

The benefits of having a site inspection. Why have one?

·         Relationships are built with all the amazing venues, we all work as the one team, with one focus…which is your upcoming event.

·         Set Up. How is the room going to work to achieve my goal?  At Bluesalt Catering we make things work, all logistics are reviewed and we will guide you through with suggested set up, whereby everything is checked then checked           again, to make sure there are no malfunctions on the day, from using trolleys to ease bump in time, to how drinks are going to be kept cool, to the folding of napkins.  Could you imagine having an amazing dessert with ice                     cream- then to have the unpleasant surprise of no freezer to store it in, or the bar area set up near the main access to the kitchen, which in turn does not have enough bench space…all these factors can make an amazing event,             not so amazing.

·         What can the venue offer and what is included in the price? ie 100 chairs, 10 tables.  Bluesalt Catering will  provide all the equipment needed for the perfect event.

·         Bump Out. Is there a set time we need to be out by? How long will it take to pack 200 chairs and take them down three flights of stairs. Bluesalt catering has the answers you need.

·         Creative ideas. The Bluesalt catering team of experts will guide you with room set up, it might be organising where the best place for the buffet is, how many round tables can fit into the room, with enough space for guests                     walking past or decorating and hanging birdcages from the ceiling. We know what works and will work with you to achieve your goals as well and keeping up with the industry trends.

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